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  • Weather Proof

  • Dust Proof & Cost Effective

  • Sound Proof

  • Termite, Rust & Corrosion Free

  1. HEAT INSULATION The Thermal Conductivity of uPVC is 0.14 Kcal/m2-hr-*C. This means that is can absorb heat at a rate 0.14 Kcal/ hr only. uPVC window system is coming into one full section having its materials as an inherent heat insulator.

  2. SOUND INSULATION The uPVC window system is a good sound insulator due to the inherent property of PVC plastic material. There are 3-6 chambers section in uPVC windows which makes it a better sound insulator, allowing more space for sound to travel. The sound insulation value of uPVC windows with 6mm single glass is 22-25 decibels while with a double glass can achieved more than 30 decibels.

  3. CORROSION RESISTANCE uPVC material is by itself has an excellent resistance against water, humidity, acids, alkalis and other industrial and commercial chemicals. This is the reason why such material is being used as containers for many hygienic and aggressive chemicals like acids. Condensation is very minimal and before it affect the interior it usually evaporates.

  4. CORNER JOINTS INSULATION AND STRENGTH uPVC window system uses the Butt fusion welding system which makes the jointing to be of one piece. Thus, there is no gap between the two profile sections of the windows. The results is a watertight system

  5. IMPACT RESISTANCE uPVC windows has an impact resistance of 30 KJoule/m2. Profile section is tested by dropping a 1 kilo tap from a one meter height at a temperature of -10 degrees centigrade and no breakage or damage should be observed. uPVC Window being a polymer material has a natural tendency to let bounce any materials drop into it. It has the natural resiliency property which makes it a good material against impact.

  6. ENERGY SAVING uPVC being a naturally heat insulator material does not contribute into the heating of the house interior neither cooling during cold season. If used with a compatible high performance glass as panel filling, the uPVC window can result into a savings of 30% energy .

  7. ARCHITECTURAL FLEXIBILITY uPVC profiles can easily be shaped and bended by heating making it more flexible. Thus can cater mostly required degree of bends.

  8. SAFETY FEATURES uPVC burns at a rate 10% slower than the common materials inside the house like carpets, wall papers, drapes, silk and wool, wood, etc. Combustion gases are also toxic. uPVC is a self extinguishing material and does not support combustion or continuous burning.

  9. ELECTRICAL CONDUCTANCE AND INSULATION uPVC is non electrical conductor such that it is being used as wire and cables coating.

  10. PRICE/COST uPVC has its natural heat resistance capability. uPVC has its natural surface to be corrosion resistant. The joint are butt fussion welded and does not required added fasteners which are costly.

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