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Fabrication & Application 

  1. Aluminum Rolling Shutters

  2. Aluminum Security Shutter

Total Privacy
Privacy is a necessity at home.
With Aluminum Rolling Shutters, you can enjoy privacy at home and adjust it to your needs.

Excellent weather protection
Aluminum Rolling Shutters offer the ultimate protection from dust, dirt, rain, and sun rays to keep your room comfortably shaded, and protect your furniture, and carpets from the damaging effect of sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Thermal insulation
The Polyurethane inside the shutter slats, and the air cushion between the shutter and the window lead to heat insulation, thus energy savings..

Sunlight control
You can precisely adjust the Rolling Shutter to control sunlight to get a suitable shade or close it entirely for 100% dimming.

Sound Insulation
Get rid of traffic noise.
The Polyurethane (foam) injected slats of the Rolling Shutters reduce noise considerably to ensure good sleep for you and your children at night or during the day.

Bright colors
A variety of options gives you freedom of choice.and  variety of colors to suit all tastes.

Remote Control
One Touch!
This feature gives you the convenience of use. One touch is enough to control the Rolling Shutter and choose the level of lighting and protection you want for your home.

Peace of Mind
Rolling Shutters are made of the best materials using sophisticated European technologies.

Custom Colors
 offers special colors to specifically cater our clients’ tastes after studying their requests.

Aluminum Rolling Shutter Data Sheets

Steel Rolling Shutters


– High Protection against Theft and Burglary.

Steel Rolling Shutters are made of very strong galvanized steel, equipped with special accessories, one of them is the security hangers which are hidden internal locks that prevent lifting up the Steel Rolling Shutter curtain from the outside.

– Effective Protection against Storms and Strong Winds.

– Rust Prevention.

Steel Rolling Shutters leave no need for steel barriers which may get affected by weather conditions causing rust.

– Quiet and Streamline Motion.

Thanks to the special design of the slats with rubber joints that prevent aluminum friction. This results in  a quiet motion of MADAR+ Steel Rolling Shutters.

– Full View

Steel Rolling Shutters offer you the freedom to enjoy the view of the outside world without barriers like steel bars.

Steel Rolling Shutter Data Sheets

Aluminum Rolling Doors  



Effective weather resistance: Thanks to the aluminum used in making the slats.
Elegance and beauty: Due to the design of the aluminum slats and the variety of brilliant colors that cater for several tastes.
Strength and Firmness: Thanks to the stable and interlocking slats, and high thickness of the aluminum slats.

Cruise and Quiet Motion: Owing to rubber seals inside each slat.

Varied perforation shape options:

  1. Oval

  2. Rectangular

  3. Square

  4. Circular

The slats are designed in a way that accepts a plexi-glass (polystyrene) inserts. These inserts are available in different colors to add a touch of beauty to the doors.
Ability to perforate custom logo or word on the slats.


 used in locations that require high protection and stylish appearance such as:

  1. Banks

  2. Jewelry

  3. Shops

  4. Galleries

  5. Company entrances

  6. Office buildings

  7. Parking

  8. Garages

  9. Shop-front and entrance doors (parking garages, companies and warehouses entrances).

Aluminum Rolling Door Data Sheets
Aluminum Security Shutter Data Sheets
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