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Shaimaa Oleba



Egypt, Cairo

Date of Birth:

9 – 8 – 1985

Hello, I am pleased to introduce myself

  • I am Shaimaa Oleba, One of Young entrepreneurs, I began to work at the age of 19 alongside my study and progressed in several career paths until I started trading of Aluminum & Glass Accessories in a trading company at the end of 2005.

  • In 2011, I established my own company as an individual firm working in the field of decorations and specialty finishes.

  • In 2015, I developed the company to be a contracting company (Egyptian Joint Stock Company).

  • I specialized in facade industry, participated in the implementation of 8 national projects in addition to several private projects and engaged in marketing and training consultancy activities.

  • I firmly believe that youths are the symbols of our future, and I think that Egypt has developed a plan to rely on young people “Entrepreneurs”.


A master researcher in the field of crisis and risk management (October 2022 - present)

Faculty of graduate studies for statistical research, Cairo University, Cairo


Bachelor of Business (Business Administration), Ain Shams University, Cairo

i has passed 23 trainings, 23 certificates, and 15 honorary awards in several fields.

I launched 4 initiative for youth and industry and participated in several conferences and T.V interviews

Work Experience

October 2015 - present

November 2022 – present

December 2021 – present

CEO and founder of Soic Infinity Solutions International 

  • The company initiated its manufacturing activity through establishing the Egyptian Industrial Complex for glass, aluminum and facade products.

  • The company initiated its training activity through establishing Infinity Facade Academy for training young engineers.

Marketing and business development consultant for

  • Arab Organization for Industrialization (AOI)

  • KADER factory for developed industries & AAV

A board member of the Chamber of Engineering Industries - Federation of Egyptian Industries.

  • Chairman of the committee on integrating the informal sector in the Chamber of Engineering Industries

  • A member of the small-scale industries committee and the executive committee on deepening local industrialization in the Chamber of Engineering Industries.

A member of the following public committees in the Federation Of Egyptian Industries: (current time)

  • A member of Arab Cooperation Committee. FEI

  • SMEs Committee

  • Licensing and Informal Sector Legalization Committee

  • Standards and Quality Committee

  • Policies and Foreign Trade Committee

  • A member of the Committee on Public Mobilization and Statistics in The Egyptian Federation For Construction And Building Contractors as a representative of the Chamber of Engineering Industries

  • Business Women Committee.


  • A member of the industry committee - Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB) (current time)

  • An active member - Egyptian Exporters Association (EXPOLINK) (current time)

  • Chairman of the Committee on Trade and Industry – National Youth Council (2020 – September 2022)

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