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Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding)

Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) is considered as the latest construction and decoration material, so we decided to build Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) to cover the growing domestic demands and neighboring markets. As the uses of Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) became wanted, so it used in the cladding and facades of buildings, interiors and in advertising. It is distinguished with great features such as lightweight, heat and cold insulation, Fire resistance and multiple color options. One of the main advantages of Aluminum Composite Panel (Cladding) is its low cost, ease of installation and is suitable for all buildings. One of our main interests is to meet customer needs in the provision of various sizes and multiple color options.

Techno Bond aluminium composite panels are designed to give your next commercial project the clean, Innovative and dramatic appearance you are hoping for. Whether it is meant to simply highlight one aspect of your commercial property’s exterior surface

  • CNC Engraving

  • Installation Types :

  1. Normal Installation

  2. Mechanical Fixation by Runner Systems

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