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Every piece of InterWood Plus – Ply Ka Boss is manufactured with a deep rooted quality philosophy. The company has always strongly believed in well-knownTQM – Total Quality Management system of routine operations.

Quality Philosophy

True quality can only be brought in by leveraging best available technologies and infrastructure. This belief is testified by Vidhata group’s investment in state of the art new plywood plant at Village Bija in Ludhiana District of Punjab. The company has built its technological leadership by being the first plant to bring a unique combination of global accepted benchmark technologies such as Dual Temperature Pressing, Extra Compression System, and Surface Leveling Cipher all under one roof.

Today InterWood Plant is perhaps the largest plywood plant in the region and is spread in over 7 acres. This new plant is highly automatized and has been designed with a scheduled production capacity of about 3.6 crore square foot per annum. Not only this, the Vidhata has always believe in the ideology of sustainability and environment responsibility. Company’s new plant is at fore-front of eco-responsibility and has been certified as Zero Water Discharge plant. It is based on these developments, the plant also acquired international environment certification ISO 14001 in just its second year of operation.



Process and Quality improvement has been continuous endeavor of the plant team. This team has taken efficiencies to new high. The inputs at plant are carefully monitored and stringent quality standards are observed to bring to you an unmatched quality that promises to stay longer than any other option in the market.


Vidhata & InterWood

Vidhata & InterWood range have also been certified with class leading quality certifications for its entire product range. The product range complies with respectively relevant Bureau of Indian Standard certifications such as: IS 1328: 1996, IS 303: 1989, IS 2202, IS 710: 1976, IS 1659: 2004. Apart from that company is compliant to stringent management standards as per ISO 9001 norms as well. The company is also committed to get accredited with more international certifications for its range of products. Notable that, “Ply Ka Boss” ideology was also developed with this customer-centric concept in mind. The objective of this ideology is that in every measurable way, InterWood range would offer its customers a better value proposition.

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