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Facades Solutions

Fabrication & Application 

Although we are a newly established company; multiple projects have been concluded in Egypt Our multidisciplinary portfolio of specializations

we developed our self to become one of the outstanding companies in the field of facades systems Fabrication & Application 


  1. includes all Glass and Aluminum Works

  2. Glazing Systems

  3. windows and doors systems 

  4. Rolling Shutter

  5.  UPVC

  6. Skylights

  7.  all glass systems 

We hold a high experience represented in administrative, engineers, technicians and employee, and stacked with high technical instruments that produce our own high quality products with many brands and systems.

 always be able to supply our clients with all their needs and requests through a wide variety of products and service not only during installation but following up as well afterwards
working  hard to be the best quality of aluminum product that integrate function with aesthetic.

Committed to always keep developing to meet the market and clients requirements and specifications of consultants 

Facade Engineering

and In collaboration with our external partner companies, Our design and engineering services cover Architectular Design ,Laser Scanning , infrastructure and, we also provide a complete multi-discipline design service including civil and structural engineering
sustainable design
Facade Engineering 
Preparation of concept design
Detailed design

 In collaboration with our external partner "MEG Consultancy"  Dr. Eng. Adel Anwar Eid 
we aim to address issues such as green building design, Facade Engineering and construction, low-carbon design, renewable energy, water efficiency, waste minimization, conserve natural resources and self sufficiency , responsible sourcing of materials and self sufficiency. 

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