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Soic Infinity Solutions International S.A.E


 Founded in 2011,
Actually we started  as a Teamwork 2006 Before the existence of SOIC INFINITY as an entity, Since then using our accumulative capabilities & experiences, We made huge steps forward & marked our success in several projects. and multiple projects have been concluded In different cities Our multidisciplinary portfolio specialized in Facade Solutions includes all Glass and Aluminum Works (interior and Exterior ), end with Engineering Training

We hold a high experience represented in administrative, engineers, technicians and employee, and stacked with high technical instruments that produce our own high quality products with many brands and systems.

 always be able to supply our clients with all their needs and requests through a wide variety of products and service Facades Engineering, Fabrication and Installation for Aluminum, Glass Works, U-PVC, Curtain wall, Windows, Doors, Rolling Shutter, Handrail Systems and all glass, Aluminum Solutions plus all Finishing Solutions from scratch to fill delivery of the project. not only during installation but following up as well afterwards
working hard to be the best quality of systems and product that integrate function with aesthetic.
​Best Quality, Best Price and Less Time and Perfect service after sales
Safety First . we train our employee and develop them usually
 Professional Engineering Team Work and Consultants.
Our unique brand of engineers have the capacity to deliver almost the full range of professional engineering services.

Committed to always keep developing to lead the market, going beyond clients expectations and specifications of consultants

We always sharpen the saw to prove what we are



Aiming to contribute in nation-building and effective participation in all engineering sectors within Egyptian vision 2030

Be premier company in every market we serve

We have a vision in 2020 to be listed as major national company working in the service of Egypt's mega development projects


SOIC INFINITY Provide innovative, high quality solutions to problems that work and remain cost-effective
Continually improve our products and services
Develop and maintain alliances with our clients to share in success
Provide an entrepreneurial environment that recognizes performance
Attract and retain high caliber, motivated and skilled professionals
Grow and diversify without compromise to quality or profitability


SOIC INFINITY applying state-of-the-art technologies whilst adopting an exceptional quality assurance system and seeking innovation and improvement. We thrive upon challenge and accomplishment.

Ethics. Enduring commitment to professional ethical standards is deeply ingrained in every professional conduct and business action undertaken by all our staff members. Moral accountability is the backbone of our firm’s operations.

Mutual Respect. Transparency, teamwork, and trust are the main constituents of our road map to outstanding performance. Our greatest asset is a corporate culture that cultivates a diversity of backgrounds, experience, and views.

Sustainability. Committed resolution to promote the short-/long-term future welfare of our company, our customers, and the world we live in, is the force empowering our continued growth and expansion.

Corporate Social Responsibility. our corporate environment is an ongoing interest to foster active growth and development within its local and global community. Meanwhile, in handling various business engagements, the firm’s decision-making processes embrace a strict adherence to universally accepted ethical values and abidance with local/international laws and statutes.

Operate with integrity and accountability Promote innovation and leadership Value openness, trust, and respect
Encourage teamwork

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