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A message from the chairman

Entity born with know how of the responsibility.


As we are living in a new era of rapid technological development and there are mega-projects under designing / construction, with billions of dollars being spent on those projects,


 And Egypt now it’s in the opening stage of technological development of new Facade, we aim to return to the era of leadership, for this we work with sincerity and commitment in all our actions and vision about promising future in Egypt, offering the best of our hard work to maximize market share through Customer satisfaction and confidence in dealing with us. Customer always trapped to decide between quality and safety, regardless of the price, considering the reflection of critical political and economic conditions Egypt has witnessed in previous years on real estate market whether residential or commercial or administrative while now we are going through rapid and successive changes. So, we work hard to achieve the difficult equation to balance quality, price and save time and money without ignoring sustainability.

•Building Our Team Work to match with our values and principles is just primary steps

•Safety First , Best Quality, Best Price and Less Time and Perfect service after sales

•Training and developing team is sustainable process as a pioneer

• Professional Engineering Team Work and Consultants is essential.

•Our high qualified engineers are capable to deliver almost the full range of professional engineering services.


•  As part of our commitment to Egypt, And as most of Industry Leaders are either prestigious consultancy firms or technical office engineers and under graduates and post graduates engineers working for manufacturing companies and Construction, We proudly announce professional diploma in FACADE ENGINERING.  Exclusive in Egypt  Not Only Covering All Theoretical Issues but, Also Practical Issues Through Our Key Players In The Construction Industries. in collaboration with Egyptian Engineers Syndicate and outstanding companies and factories in Egypt especially in the field of facades and green building engineering work, while providing effective training opportunities especially in the engineering sector in order to achieve integration between all the institutions to contribute to the advancement of Egypt.


Mrs. Shaimaa Oleba

Chairman of Soic Infinity S.A.E

  We In those critical circumstances we come a fresh start in the Egyptian market and comes our role here, and here is the question ..


Comes the answer is simply that we started from the others ended Our vision is clear and specific goals is open between us and our customers, communication, and this is due to our determination To achieve the difficult equation to balance quality, price and save time and money and try to achieve sustainability

Our vision for the current period

  • The real estate market whether residential or commercial or administrative in any country in the world is the headline of the state of the general economy, which is the index’s real durability of the economy or its fragility and reflects the outlook for the country’s economy it and since that time went the attention of business and financial circles of the real estate market and the full capacity of all kinds, whether residential, administrative, commercial, or entertaining considering the real estate market is the safest investment container and store of value compared to the stock exchange or banks where their strength is exposed to erosion by inflation, which affects positively or negatively on the our work.​​​

  • is that in the next stage, and despite the high prices, but we expect significant growth in sales and investment coming period due to the changing political situation and try to fight against corruption and the application of justice programs will contribute to improving the situation of large segments of the social strata, which positively affect the realization of decorative glass and finishing aims to improve General form of social and decent level of social individual​

  • We see that the Gulf and Foreign companies operating in Egypt will reinforce its presence in the Egyptian market and increase investment in the next phase as well, especially after the amendment of the political situation became the Egyptian market is a safe haven, especially after the investment of the Egyptian revolution and the democratic system real and uphold the rule of law and the fight against corruption and achieve parity between the investors in the access privileges and other and achieve parity between the layers of society and then will become of the Egyptian climate is the climate in which any investor looking for him in the world

  • Compounding us real opportunities in the completion and implementation of several larger projects and dig our name in Egypt Market



President of Soic Infinity Solutions International S.A.E

Mrs. Shaimaa Oleba

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